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Church Family,
Covid restrictions have changed the way we've worshipped together for over a year, but finally, we're excited to open our doors for in-person worship in our sanctuary again!
Even if you've never once stepped foot into our church building, you are welcome to do so, every Sunday at 10 a.m., from here on out.
That said, for now, some Covid protocols are still in place. So here's how it will look until further notice:
You'll be wearing your best Sunday mask so it's OKAY if you forget to brush your teeth before you come. Brushing teeth is GOOD, but there's very little chance anyone will notice if you don't. But hey - we wouldn't judge you anyway. Note that we're also not allowed to be congregating before or after the service, so if you know sign language, this will be a huge benefit to those wanting to greet friends across the room apart from the service. Singing? Well, Karl will have to cover that for us as Covid guidelines are restricting the rest of us at this time. Luckily, God knows the contents of our hearts and nothing can stop our hearts from singing at full volume. Or humming. Pretty sure we can hum. The point is, we'll be together, really, in the same room, after a very long time. Will you join us?! We can welcome in the first 50 people to our service, so please arrive early for registration.
OR...want to sing mask-less in your living room surrounded by your family and decorative pillows? You can also still join us ONLINE. Our live stream will still be going strong, weekly, at the same time - Sundays at 10 a.m.