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The Lower Pacific District of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada is having their annual conference and general meeting.

Register by February 24 (scroll down) to be part of it! 

Imagine Moses confronting Pharaoh with God’s command, “Let my people go!” Imagine David staring down the giant, Goliath, or Deborah leading God’s people against the Canaanite army with nothing but God’s promise in her heart. Imagine Esther who is called before the king and wrestling with anxiety and fear yet urged on by her uncle Mordecai’s words, “You were born for such a time as this!” Imagine Paul and Silas beaten and wounded in prison, singing hymns to God or Naaman’s slave girl preparing to tell her master about God’s cure for his leprosy.

Imagine that space where you have nothing more to go on other than God’s Word, God’s promises – Hope and Faith. Everything around you shouts for you to stop or find an easier way, but you know that this moment is a call to “walk by faith and not by sight” (2Corinthians 5:7).

Dangerous Christianity does not present a comfortable faith. It is not an easy faith. It faces the hardships and trials of life founded on the promise of God and built on the solid foundation of His Word. It is not popular. It may not always make sense. This is a dangerous faith.

We live in a world where God’s Word is no longer an authority and a world that no longer makes sense at times. It feels as if the lines between right and wrong have become blurred. We find our faith sometimes on the line, and our beliefs don’t always fit in. Our world, at times, is a dangerous world.

Where do Christians fit in? What place does our faith have in this world? How do we become the people of God in an ever increasing secular world?

Our conference this year aims to challenge and equip our district churches and church staff and lay leaders to step out of our comfort zones to a more challenging and faith-filled walk with Jesus. Our conference is not just for pastors and leadership but for Christians and for everyone who attends our district churches.

We are all facing the same challenges and difficulties. We are all needing the same encouragement. We all need to heed the call to step up and live as the people of God. As uncle Mordecai suggested, “You were born for such a time as this!”

Click the button below to register and sign up for conference. This is not a vacation time or opportunity to get time off of work. It is a time for you to encourage others (just by being there) and to be to challenged and equipped to become more effective wherever God has placed you.

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