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Mill Lake Church is re-opening!

After many months of exclusively streaming our worship services online, we are happy to once again be opening our church doors to you. Please note that, for everyone's safety in these cautious times, we have some new guidelines to follow during our Sunday in-person worship service, starting September 6 at 10 a.m.

NOTE: Our online streaming service is still available. You are still more than welcome to worship with us from home! 

1. (Online registration is no longer needed at this time. We will update you if this changes in the future).

2. When you arrive at the church Sunday morning you will need to wait outside and be welcomed into the building for check-in (please follow social distancing guidelines when waiting in line).  

3. We will not be printing any material so there will not be a bulletin, at this time.  

4. Flow: You will enter one door (which will be clearly marked) into the building and into the auditorium. You will exit the auditorium through another clearly marked door and exit the building through a separate door. There will be arrows on the floor to aid in giving direction.   Unfortunately, there can be no visiting in the building. When you arrive please go directly to your seats and sit. When the service is finished you will need to exit the building immediately. If you choose to visit with people, you will need to do so outside in the parking lot while practicing six-foot distancing.   We ask that you please wear a mask when you enter the building. You may remove your mask once you are seated. Once you have your seat and sit we ask that you not move around the sanctuary or building but stay in your seat through the duration of the service. (with the exception of washroom use).  

5.    During the worship service, as elders we have decided to allow singing for worship. However, to allow for this safely, the chairs will need to be further apart and must remain so. Additionally, while singing it will be necessary for you to wear a mask.  

Offering – Because there will be no offering collection as usual, there will be an offering box available and easily accessible to place your tithe in.  

Communion – When you first arrive, you will notice a self-contained communion cup and wafer on your seat when you sit down (this will happen for every communion Sunday).  

Washroom Use - One person or family unit in a bathroom at one time please. There will be no pastries or coffee served either before or after the worship service until further notice.  

In the event that we have more than fifty people wanting to attend the worship services, we will add a second service in the future.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dwayne Mitchell either by phone, text, or email – (778) 347-3014 or